Monday, December 3, 2012

Expectation for Camp

Twenty four hours for the year 8’s to prepare themselves for camp also to be filled with laughter and gladness. What i’d like to expect there is the students to know the 3 p’s - Participation, Partnership also, Protection.

Packing my bright,  pink suitcase filled with all the stuff I will be needing, I headed to our school hall with all the other lovely students bags.

This is an awesome opportunity to fill their life full with excitement and to have fun.

Thanks to Chanel For checking my work.

- This is a simple drawing I had created for year 8 camp.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deadly snake causes panic in school classroom

I have read an article on Kiwi kids News about a deadly snake appeared in a nursery's schools classroom. According to the article itself, A teacher had spotted the snake slithering through the children's beds so, The teacher had rushed the children out into the playground safely, Luckily nobody was hurt. The school set a emergency snake plan so whenever any venomous snake comes around, they'd escape easily once they think of the snake plan.

- Thank you Tauwhare for checking my work


Friday, November 16, 2012


Yesterday was the day that our class had swimming, Sadly enough to say some students, including me, forgot to bring our swimming gear. We sat outside the pool and did some work about, Surviving in swimming.

Once we got told to be partnered up we were given a sheet that showed a poster also a lot of questions that us students had to answer.

The poster that had shown on the paper was a boat that was flipped over, survival equipment and a man holding on to a Chilly Bin, I could see that this man was in danger also looking for help. Luckily enough, he was wearing a life jacket which helps him to float rather than sinking in the sea.

Once the swimmers had finished and had gotten out of the pool, The non swimmer’s had successfully, finished the sheet.

Thank you Dakota for checking my work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival!

In the Afternoon, The senior block had Manaiakalani Film Festival. Manaiakalani are movies that were made from different schools in this community. These schools put together an interesting project for the students that comes along to watch and to enjoy.

What I really enjoyed from these interesting movies was how a class from our school, gathered up a comedy film for schools to have a moment, and laugh.

It was a really great time to watch these movies and hope for the best that I could ever watch them again.

Thank you Britney for reading my work.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Last week, It was a very unusual day for Miri. Once Miri got up, out of her bed, and had gotten ready for school. The first session of the day was writing an imaginative story. Miri was filled
with drought in the whether she was in. Apparently, Pete, a kind boy was sitting at the back her, also she would stay in Pete’s House once Miri’s Father would finish at a hard time at work.  It took her forever to come up with an imaginative story for Miri. It was home time and Miri’s teacher told her to take as many time as she’d like to come up with. Miri told her if it’s supposed to be fiction or fact? Her teacher replied with a simple sigh “ hm.. anything Miri” And of she went.

Later on, She thought of an interesting story that came from her imagination, Once she finished, She gave it to her teacher and had Aced the test.

Thank you to Vanila for reading my work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dangers Of Smoking

The dangers of smoking is that it causes diseases of your heart, lungs and brain. Smoking increases the chances of getting these diseases.

Smoking may cause lung cancer disease. The risk of developing lung cancer is the abnormal cells that appear in the lining of the main breathing tube which forms new cells and replaces the old cells.  Stroke may affect the brain. Smoking causes heart disease, this effects your heart and veins.

 Some say, if you smoke at a younger age you die earlier. You could die from;
  • Lung cancer - Men developing lung cancer; 23 times more likely;
  • Lung cancer - Chances of women developing lung cancer is 13 times more likely;
  • Stroke - The possibility of having to get a stroke from smoking is 2 to 4 times.
  • Heart Disease - 2 to 4 times more likely.
I think that this is an issue for many people's health, Now that you've read some of this information about smoking would you still start this deadly habit?

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Awesome Experience

Filling my body up with exhaustion this running was tiring. The distance so far had caught my eye and had made my legs impossible to move. Heading out towards the Pt England Reserve made me feel icky having to  my foot come pass that slimy, sticky, mud stuck to my shoes & up to my knees. As much as I wanted to walk the whole way I had a lot of support from the students on the side of me telling me to push myself into running.

Going through the Tamaki Area made me much more Nervous of seeing how slippery it was to run so I walked instead. Once we were near the finish line me & some of the friends I was with started hearing cheers for their house colours. Finally, I made it. It wasn't that big of a deal of who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd it was how we had much fun and being a sore loser.

After that, the students from Year 7 & 8 had seen some stunts on youtube that our teachers had shown in our street on the projector. It was really epic to see and we all had enjoyed it. What a fun, exotic Friday we all had.

Thanks to Dakota for checking my work.